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Falconhead is one of the most beautiful golf communities available anywhere in the country. With a laid-back atmosphere and a prime location, this neighborhood is one of the most desirable communities within the west Austin area. Falconhead is a welcoming retreat for those who are looking at retiring, but want access to the best the city has to offer or even for those who want a quiet and comfortable place to raise their family.

History While the community of Falconhead is quite new, only being in existence since 2003, the area in which it in located has an extensive and interesting history. Bee Cave has been in existence for well over one hundred years. The town has always been a small community, where the ideals and regulations of city government were deemed unnecessary and undesirable. In the 1980's, Austin was beginning to annex many local areas and the citizens of Bee Cave banded together to incorporate the Village of Bee Cave and prevent annexation. In 2003, the Falconhead golf course was built in the town, and the Falconhead community along with it. Economy/Jobs Falconhead's proximity to Austin allows residents to have the full benefit of the stable economy and job market of the city, while being situated outside the city, itself.

One of the more affluent communities in the area, Falconhead residents have a median income of $128,501, which is well beyond the median income for the state of Texas and even the city of Austin. Area unemployment rates are well below the national average, coming in at 3.4 percent in April of 2008. Major employers in the area include Dell, IBM, and Motorola. Forbes magazine has recently given Austin the honor of being one of the most recession-proof cities in the country, and that feature is the same for all of the local communities.

Falconhead Real Estate Homes in the Falconhead community are among some of the most beautiful in the entire Austin area. This exclusive community has amazing homes with a median selling price of $440, 230, though it is possible to find area homes ranging from $300,000 to well over $1 million. As the community is a more recent addition to the area, the majority of the homes are newer and there is a wide range of new construction and open lots available for purchase. More than ninety percent of the homes in the area are owner-occupied; however, there are some homes that are available for rent and leasing options.

Attractions The premier attraction of living at Falconhead is the amazing golf course. Falconhead was built around the country's first PGA Signature Series golf course, which was designed by the PGA Tour Design Center. The 18-hole course opened in 2003 and includes features such as a clubhouse, pro shop, and driving range. Off the course, residents can enjoy shopping and dining in a variety of local restaurants and stores. With just a quick drive, all of the offerings of the city of Austin are at the fingertips of the Falconhead locals.

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