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European ban on stem-cell patents has a silver lining

Researchers can work without fear of action over patent infringement.

Redrawing the Arctic map: The new north

Getting to grips with a changing polar landscape.

Seven days: 14–20 October 2011

The week in science: stem-cell patents barred in Europe; Australia set for carbon tax; and full test of Indian Ocean tsunami warning system.

US lawsuit extends thalidomide's reach

Drug blamed for a broader range of harmful effects.

European court bans patents based on embryonic stem cells

Final decision could stifle investment in developing therapies.

A struggle for power

Brazil is developing the last great untapped reserve of hydroelectricity, the Amazon basin.

Drug research feels Europe's pain

Pharma companies see drops in revenue amid European austerity measures.

Seven days: 4–10 November 2011

The week in science: China's first docking in space; six men complete 520-day virtual mission to Mars; and GSK pays US$3billion to settle investigations.

Seven days: 28 October–3 November

The week in science: United States cancels UNESCO funding; proton-smashing ends for the year at the Large Hadron Collider; and Britain's Royal Society opens up its journal archive.

Spies to use Twitter as crystal ball

US intelligence agency aims to forecast unrest by reading the runes of social media.

Malaria vaccine results face scrutiny

Experts question early release of incomplete trial data.

Fetal gene screening comes to market

Non-invasive procedure could make prenatal testing easier, but it comes with ethical problems.

Research cuts hit the DNA business

Makers of sequencing machines hope for profits in the clinic.

Seven days: 21–27 October 2011

The week in science: Earthquake hits Turkey; global warming verified; and promising trial results from a new multiple sclerosis drug.

Seven days: 7–13 October 2011

The week in science: plan to clean up Gulf Coast; Europe approves dark-energy mission; and a report says researchers should pay egg-donors.