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Joe Doucet
Design director, Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners New York,
New York

I grew up in an environment where I was encouraged to be very creative. My mother was an artist. My father was a third-generation ironworker. He made things with his hands. So genetically, you could say I was predisposed to design, which is a combination of both. I never envisioned myself at an advertising agency. But I always wanted to make a good living creatively. I just wasn't sure how.

The essence of what makes a truly great creative person is the ability to remove oneself from the process. You have to become the person for whom the work is being done. And what that means in terms of my work here is that it's never done for a client; it's done for the people the client is talking to. That removal of oneself is critical, not only to executing the work but also in explaining why a solution is right for the client.

I'll give you an example from one of our accounts. Most people look at a Target ad and say it's just fashion. There's no concept to it -- or at least what the advertising world thinks of as a concept. But it's high fashion for a mass brand. Talk about concepts. That's a very big concept.

The majority of the products in a Target and Wal-Mart store aren't that different. It's the experience, the message, the lifestyle that you're buying into. The way you tell the story is just as important as the story you're trying to tell.

Five young professionals in the fields of fashion, design, publishing, advertising, and architecture discuss the source of their creativity and what drives it - Internet Business.

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Internet Business
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It's been said many times that history is no guide to the future. I disagree. It is also unsaid that companies do not need to understand where they have been to see where they're going.

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