The Wonder of Green Technology

"Modern technology, owes ecology, an apology" is an old saying. In the case of the new technology in building homes, this proverb seems to be false. Those energy and resource efficient green homes built in Austin are real gifts from modern technology to the environment. Green Homes have become a buzz word in Austin and with technological innovation leading to more energy savings, green technology is making progress towards becoming synonymous with ecology.

Breathe Easy Many green homes are built using toxin-free building materials like bamboo or straw inorder to combat indoor air pollution, which is much worse than outdoor air pollution. Unhealthy air inside a room is capable of causing serious health problems like cancer and respiratory ailments like asthma. The non-toxic building materials used, include paints without volatile organic compounds and toxin-free insulation materials made from soybeans.

This means that you can breathe fresh, non-toxic air. Energy Dependency The demand for Green Homes has steadily increased nowadays as they attempt to totally eliminate the impacts of buildings on the environment and human health. These green homes take advantage of renewable natural resources, where possible. These green homes reduces our dependence on conventional energy sources as they generate energy from alternate energy sources such as sun, wind, geo-thermal energy and bio-mass for their energy needs. Moreover water conserving irrigation systems help green homes use 50% less water than standard homes. Water conservation such as this has become very important with many places experiencing less rainfall and longer more intense dry weather conditions.

Green Homes, Cost-Efficient Too The net cost of owning and operating a green home is usually far cheaper than owning a standard home. Upfront costs may be higher because most of the architects and home builders don't have the knowledge and experience to build green homes as efficiently as standard homes. However, people living in these green homes save money month by month, as many green homes use 30% less water and 30% less energy than standard homes. Over the years these moderate savings, add up to BIG savings.

Green Homes will also keep you healthier, which means, fewer expensive doctor visits and fewer days missed to work. Regarding design, green homes can be every bit as welcoming, cozy, and spacious as non-green homes. Additionally, there are a wide range of designs available from which to choose when selecting your green home. You can go modern, traditional, neo-classical or for the adventurous even go geodesic dome style. The trend in going green in Austin has grown rapidly.

With more and more builders, architects, and contractors learning about Green Homes your choices in a healthy, efficient, and green home are growing! SO, what are you waiting for? Get your own Green Home and hold the keys for a greener and healthier tomorrow.

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The Wonder of Green Technology - ?Modern technology, owes ecology, an apology? is an old saying.


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