History of Network Marketing

To know where we are going, it is beneficial to know where we came from. The history of Network Marketing is a long story so we will keep it short. The idea of networking has been around for hundreds of years. The history of network marketing dates back to over 500 years ago but for current purposes we won't go back that far.

The most current history of network marketing began in the 1950's with the Amway corporation. Jay Van Andel and Rich Devos started the corporation and began by selling vitamins. They were so successful, they ended up buying the vitamin company. They then got into selling household cleaning products. The History of network marketing was born when the best friends realized that there was market opportunity for everyone to earn income. They put together a sales and marketing plan which was very similar to a traditional franchise model, except it had a twist. Now the franchisee could be the franchisor, hence moving from a business owner, to a business system.

They began a revolution in which many other companies were born and have since been extremely successful. Thanks to the Amway corporation, millions of people now have their own independent businesses. Other companies flourished because of the dream of two men to make this country a better place to live and to ensure that our free enterprise system of economics would live on through the ages.

History always repeats itself and the history of network marketing lives on into the present. It is a multi-million dollar industry and contrary to the many lazy critics out there, more wealth has been created by individuals in this industry than any other endeavor. It not only creates time but time and money.

Well folks, that gives a little snapshot of the history of network marketing today.

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