Tithing An Ultimate Way to Prosperity

Most of us regard ourselves as outsiders despite being part of the universal bank of energy. Nature has provided us with numerous ways to explore our real wisdom and understanding. It depends on how we interpret the indications. However, we can participate in this ongoing process with the help of tithing.

Apart from providing great opportunities to discover laws of supply, tithing helps us to get familiar with new knowledge of prosperity. With this process, an individual can inherit several novel gifts in terms of real happiness and wealth. What is tithing? The word tithing is synonymous with Religious giving. However, the concept of tithing is much more universally accepted and can refer to giving away a percent of your gross income to someone who motivates you the most with essence of inspiration rather than being overwhelmed by several calls for help. It is common to give away 10% to such a cause, however many individuals often consider making this percentage larger depending on your circumstances and motivation.

There is a great difference between offerings and tithing. The latter not only serves as token of love or gratitude but also symbolizes realization of the covenant relationship that you maintain with that particular person or organization. Generally, we share such a bond with God whom we really appreciate for what he has done for us. Some people tend to tithe because they fear their doom. This perception stands for wrong belief in that power.

Indeed, He is the only one who gives out of true love. Tithing should be a selfless action done out of appreciation and pleasure. With tithing it teaches you a great universal concept of giving first without expectation of return. Often we get caught up in the mentality of receiving before giving. You should have the ability to observe persons and groups helping others and who take initiatives to deal with the life's complex issues. This assists in selecting the right recipient in place of giving out of compassion and sympathy.

As to harvest anything, you must plant a seed. Tithing is about sowing that seed. Similarly, to receive something, you must give faithfully. This acts as a key to understanding the Universal Law of giving and gaining.

Moreover, when it is done with an honest concern to God, then it comes back after being multiplied. We get an edge to act as a magnet to our supply after recognizing our values, gifts, and audacity, and top of all, our connection with life.

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