Repairing your Credit

Everyone has seen the claims that are ubiquitous on the radio, TV and newspaper about credit repair services that will get your credit back on track with one simple phone call. Often, these companies are looking to take money from people already experiencing financial problems. The truth is that time, patients, and a clear plan will get a person out of financial trouble. People all over America in need of credit report repair reach out to these companies everyday.

However, these companies often don't have the customer's best interest in mind. They tempt consumers by telling them that they will soon be able to afford a house or a car and that their services will even improve their customer's job prospects. If you happen to respond to a credit repair offer, the following may be indications that you are being taken advantage of: If the company asks for money prior to delivering services. If the company tells you that you can not contact the credit reporting agencies yourself. If the company suggests you engage in identity theft by taking on a new name or social security number. If the company asks you to dispute factual information on your credit report as inaccurate.

It is a crime to lie to a credit agency and to assume a false identity in order to obtain credit. The best method to repairing your credit is to start borrowing and repaying responsibly. The law states that no one can legally remove information that is negative from your credit report if it is factual. If something not factual is represented on your credit report, there is a free process by which to have the item removed from you credit report. If you suspect that your credit rating may be damaged or somewhat below par because you've had some adverse action taken against you (i.e.

turned down for a loan), you can request a credit report for free within 60 days. This will help you determine if you have negative items on your credit report that are not accurate. You may dispute the erroneous entries with the credit-reporting agency in writing.

Always keep copies of your correspondence to document the events should they come into question later. Following some of these suggestions will have you on the road to credit report repair and will help you avoid the possible scams that are out there. For more information, contact the companies and websites listed at the bottom of this article. Also, every consumer is entitled to one free credit report each year from the three major credit reporting agencies.

This can be done at This site offers free viewing of your credit report online. Do not however be drawn in to their paid services that will give out your credit score.

This is unnecessary information if you're only verifying the validity of your credit report. Equifax. P.O. Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374-0241; (800) 685-1111. Experian.

P.O. Box 2002, Allen, TX 75013; (888) (397-3742). Trans Union.

P.O. Box 1000, Chester, PA 19022; (800) 916-8800.

Credit Repair by Daniel Wesley

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