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Sales training is Brisbane is taking off as companies reap the reqards of a strong approach to sales training in their Brisbane business. Ensuring training makes the leap from education to performance and profits is essential in today's marketplace. What can companies do when evaluating the myriad of options available? Knowledge is power. This is an old adage that has been around for a long time. However, now more than ever it is true.

As Eric Hoffers says, "In times of change the learner shall inherit the earth, while the learned finds themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." With technology advances, and the market becoming more and more competitive it is critical that an organization has a workforce that is not only skilled, but is constantly improving those skills. No business can expect growth tomorrow while it rests on the successes of yesterday.

Management expects and even demands performance efficiency increases. This can only come from a culture where learning is valued and encouraged. The Challenge of Selecting Performance-Driven Training You may have been given the task to create this environment and/or feed this environment of learning. No training department can be the answer to everyone's needs. A 2002 report by The Conference Board found that 55% of companies outsource part of the training function. There are many instances when you should go outside the expertise of your organization and look for learning providers.

But one quick search on the internet is enough to send you running for cover! It is staggering how many vendors there are that want to teach your staff the "art of." just about anything. From sales to forklift safety from OSHA compliance to training in tropical diseases.

You name it you can find someone who is willing and even eager to come to your organization and teach your staff about it. Selecting an effective training program is a complex process that requires diligently matching an organization's needs to its employees' needs and aligning both of these to create desired outcomes - usually improved performance and increased profits. The process is complex because effective training utilizes a company's style, voice, mission and many other customized elements that are not available in off-the-shelf training options. What enterprises truly want is to equip their work force with information that works in the moment and provides a real time benefit to a specific product or service. Benefits of Outsourcing your Training Why should you outsource your training when you probably have many qualified Subject Matter Experts (SME) in your organization? Outsourcing parts of your training function can have many benefits for your organization. The potential of saving your organization money in the long run is probably the biggest factor that motivates most businesses to outsource.

Sure you can take your SME's off their regular jobs to develop content for specific training your staff needs, but the cost of lost productivity plus the SME's lack of knowledge of sound education principles usually spells disaster for the final learning product. By outsourcing you save not only money in lost productivity, but you also cut back on expenditures of software, printing costs etc. You place the burden of those fixed costs on the vendor and only pay a per use charge.

Many times this will save an organization thousands of dollars. You also gain the benefit of having your staff focus on what they know best - your business. While some of the learning that takes place in your organization is very specific to your business, a large part of the training you need can be done by an outside vendor more efficiently and with greater expertise.

Your staff is freed up to focus their valuable time and attention on improving your products and services to the benefit of your customers and your bottom line. Just as you are focusing on your business, a good training vendor is focusing on their business - learning. Many times an outside vendor will have cutting-edge technology or the latest development in a certain topic. Take advantage of their research.

For the full whitepaper contact Ziglar Australia Looking for Sales training in Brisbane with a reputable company that provides successful outcomes? It can be hard task to find that business that has years of sales experience, delivers that latest learning's, has public sales training classes in Brisbane and private sales training classes in Brisbane also. Don't take the risk with a one man business, you need world class skills, content and experience. You need a team to ensure the delivery of a professional and successful sales training engagement. Ziglar Australia operates through established offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane providing training through both public and private training classes. Specialising in sales training and management we utilise small classes to ensure all participants receive the attention needed to address their individual needs and be able to build their learning into usable content for immediate use in the work environment. People often ask us why Ziglar is so different from other performance enhancement or sales training companies.

Beyond the more than 50 years of worldwide experience our founder, Zig Ziglar, brought to the thinking and design of our programs, we believe our programs are a dynamic blend of heart, inspiration and cutting-edge personal development technology. Through years of development and refinement Ziglar has evolved into a world renowned performance enhancement company serving a myriad of disciplines guided by the belief that you build better companies by building better people. Some programs take a piece-meal approach to performance improvement. Here at Ziglar, we look at an organisation as a whole and then work to incrementally improve all the working parts of that whole. The end result is each person in an organisation produces at a True Performance level that catapults the entire organisation beyond its goals.

Beginning at the individual level and improving performance from the inside out brings your business phenomenal results. Ziglar is here to improve your company's performance by maximising internal productivity and performance for customers through proprietary programs and work force development. All of our programs, including Ziglar VIP, our revolutionary new web-based program designed to bridge the gap between skill building and performance, are designed specifically to improve profitability. Zig Ziglar's internationally recognised personal development techniques combined with Ziglar's expanded tailored performance enhancement solutions is a winning combination that has resulted in Ziglar working with a diverse client base including Fortune 500 corporations, Government agencies, small- and mid-sized businesses, schools and non-profit agencies. The Ziglar organisation is uniquely equipped to work with organisations to assess needs, identify strengths, and design curricula that serves each client's unique circumstance.

Our approach works in tandem to maintain brand equity and uphold the ideals and vision each company embraces. With many available program designs, Ziglar has a performance enhancement solution for virtually every need.

http://www.ziglar.com.au http://www.salestrainingzigziglar.com.au/

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