Lakeway Texas Subdivision Information The Preserve at Lakeway

Most often when you think of preserves, you don't think of a place to live. You think of a place to visit - an area blanketed in beautiful nature that someone has thought to save from man's development. While that is generally a true assumption, it is not so in the case of the Preserve at Lakeway. This is a development that is surrounded by nature but open to man, open to you who are looking for the perfect home.

History When Austin was developed, many were unsure of how it would progress. It lacked the confidence cities such as Dallas and Houston had and the history the more Eastern cities like Philadelphia and New York had. But Austin grew and continues to grow, outpacing nearly all other metropolises in the country. As such, the outlying areas are experiencing an interest few anticipated.

Families are looking to these regions for homes conveniently located outside of the city, and that is why places like Preserve at Lakeway are built. Economy The people of Preserve at Lakeway live in nature but work in the city. They commute to Austin where the thriving science and technology industries offer them numerous opportunities for employment. If they are not members of those fields, they look to the universities and major corporations filling the city with business and growth. They find in the city what so many others are just now learning exists - expanding possibilities, employment and financial security. They rest easy knowing that the city they have chosen to border is one that will enable them to live comfortably for years to come.

Real Estate You won't find low-quality homes in Preserve at Lakeway. In fact, you'll be hard pressed to find one that isn't of the finest quality in building and amenities. Contractors have created houses that any family would feel privileged to live in.

They are beautiful, majestic structures with modern conveniences. The surrounding nature adds to the value, making any price well worth it. Attractions Preserve at Lakeway is 100 acres of land surrounded by thousands of acres of beauty. In the heart of hill country, the area is home to wildlife and breathtaking views. Balcones Canyon Conservation Land is moments away, and no matter which direction you turn in there is always something new and green to see.

The area also has several country clubs - public and private - with golf courses, tennis courts and additional amenities, appealing to people of all ages and interests. Nearby Austin adds to the allure as a city filled with fun things for families and individuals to do. And when you get past the fun, to the necessities of daily living, the impressive school district and plethora of available jobs makes Preserve at Lakeway a natural choice.

Preserve at Lakeway is a beautiful community. In fact, saying that is an understatement. It is a town that knows few equals and a natural gem in a country that is quickly becoming more urban as it forgets the importance and brilliance of the environment that surrounds it.

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