How To Prepare For Public Speaking With Brainstorming

You may not have much time left to prepare for your public speaking. So what are the things you will for your public speech? Here are some pointers that you can use: 1. Brainstorming 2. Short-term goals 3.

Long-term goals 4. Evaluation 5. Reflection Start with brainstorming.

If you are in the process of writing your speech you will need to brainstorm the topic. For the next 10 minutes I want you to write as fast as you can, what you want for this speech. Once you are finished you will read aloud the notes you wrote down.

As you write however, do not concern yourself with precision rather write down every thought that comes from your mind on the speech topic. Now that you have written down every thing in your head, continue by evaluating your list of thoughts. As you speak aloud you may notice missing components that could enhance your speech. If you note these elements, accordingly write them down. Next, you will look for commonalities in the subject, i.e.

look at the information and bring it together so that you compose working sentences that targets your long-term goal. The long-term goal is finishing the speech, while the short-term goal is putting the speech together. Now we can look closer at the long-term goal. What is your goal? Obviously it is to become a public speaking star. Therefore, what do you need to reach this goal? How much effort are you willing to put into achieving this goal? How hard can you work to accomplish this goal? Now you come to the point where you can reflect on your written thoughts, while considering the criteria of the goal. What parts of the thoughts did you write down that reflects on your long-term goal? What did you consider to bring this speech together? Here comes the time that you must put those reflections in perspective.

Underline, or mark the key words on your brainstorming paper. Noting these important keywords can help you to pull the speech together. Are these keywords the point? What other parts of the thoughts could you use to make the key points come together? Remember, the point of your speech is driving a point home, while pulling a speech together so that it flows chronologically and logically. As you finish the speech you want to make sure accuracy is available, as well as make sure the speech lacks grammar and spelling issues. Now what? Well, if you haven not come up with ideals that will put your speech together you will need to follow these steps again until you come up with a working speech. If you are confused in some areas, be sure to research to find information that will back your topic.

For example, if you write in the speech that brainstorming, evaluating and reflecting, as well as goals bring success, yet you have doubts. Find information that will support these claims so that you can give for instances in your speech. For instances are reference quotes that recite, which means that the audience is aware you are supporting your information through research completed and facts verified. You have backup! While commonly people are aware that brainstorming, evaluating and reflecting are grounded facts, some areas of your speech may not have grounded facts. Please, get the facts and speak them loud and clear as you give your speech.

In other words, always tell the truth while giving a speech. The truth is that some people will do whatever it takes a person to the top regardless of the facts. No, do not do that, the truth will set you free.

Joshua Poon has been practising public speaking and has joined a local toast master club. He also writes articles on public speaking. So come and visit his website for Public Speaking Matters

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