How Do Jay Abrahams Fundamental Truths for Increasing Your Profits and Audio Tie Together Part

Let's recap. In part 1 of this article, we touched on the three ways to increase your profits; through your marketing, your products and your back-end. We also explained how audio could be used effectively to increase all of them. So what's the bottom line here? Well, Jay Abraham teaches that if you can increase each of the three components we discussed by a small amount (even just 10%), you will see an exponential increase in your profit.

To really get your attention, let me ask you this. Do you think adding an entirely new dimension to your marketing, your products and your back-end has a 10% limit? What if you could really master the art of incorporating effective audio (and don't forget, once you've mastered that, there's video too) into your products and your marketing strategies? Here, let's break it down into numbers. Suppose you have 50 new customers purchase your $47 ebook every month. That's $2,350 in average monthly sales. Not bad.

You only have the one product (for now) and haven't yet implemented any back-end strategies so you know things can only get better. Next, you learn how to make your own audio. You create an audio marketing message and see a 10% increase in sales conversion (remember that people have claimed to actually see a 300% increase so 10% is um, well, a little low). Now you sell to 55 customers every month. You also record your ebook and add in an audio interview, which you distribute along with your original ebook file for $97 (that's a very reasonable mark-up). So that's 55 x $97 = $5,335.

You are now selling $5,335 of products every month. You've more than doubled your income. Like I've mentioned before, the best part is that once you get the audio recorded and set-up on your site, there is no extra work.

As you can see, the time and cost of learning how to create audio files can more than pay for itself. In our imaginary scenario, you're selling $64,020 worth of your ebook/audio set yearly. Imagine if you got really smart and added in a back-end marketing system? Now imagine what would happen if you used an audio sales message to help market these additional products? In all likelihood, you could expect an exponential explosion of profits. For those of you just starting out, mastering audio (even just the marketing aspect of it) could very well be the difference between failure and success.

Just imagine how you can incorporate audio into your marketing, your products and your back-end. What will that mean for your profits? .I'd guess that your profits will only go up!.

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