by: Maricon Williams

A large factor that contributed to the rich multimedia nature of the Internet is the Flash MX. It allows website designers add and flaunt their designs. Instead of the plain coding of the HTML, Flash allows a person to add colorful animation and brief interactive movie clips.

If you have the media player built into Flash, you can download the latest version free. It means that you will no longer need extra players like RealNetwork’s RealPlayer or Microsoft’s Windows Media Player.

Flash dominates the space. It has already become the standard for the rich user interface. In fact, big companies are users of Flash MX. To name a few, they are Sony, IBM, sound-system maker Bose and several hotel groups. Flash MX was also used to make the website for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. It was also used in an IBM demo specifying the use of its WebSphere software. It swiftly shows just how easy Flash explains online. Sony Classical, on the other hand, used the same program for a rich, multimedia teaser about its artists.

Flash MX has truly gone too far and Macromedia is still aiming higher. It has recently announced that Flash MX would also be available for Nokia 9200 series. It will be one of the first in a range of powerful cell phones. Flash MX also has the ability to create media using a clever set of templates for the Microsoft-powered Pocket PC handhelds. These major devices can create a major turn in growth of modern technology. In addition, it is not only user-friendly but the compression of video and sound into a Flash can lead to non-exhaustive download. Thus, it can be saved into a smaller format and more compact attachments.

Flash MX is a hallmark of a user-friendly construction of Another Macromedia product which is the Dreamweaver. The latter is a WYSIWYG design program which eventually set a standard in a field that includes Microsoft’s FrontPage. These kinds of programs allow you to design a web page but it’s as easy as using Word or Quark. It allows you to change fonts, their sizes and the likes. It does the entire HTML coding in the background. Macromedia is also working on designs for more server-based applications that will run on its ColdFusion and JRun server technologies.

With just a quick download of a Flash file, you can now enjoy music and videos and even order the CD online. The site actually is bombarded with massive hike in unique users who are purchasing more music online. It’s like holding in your hand all your needs and wants.

Flash MX interface is clearly superior and sophisticated. You can do e-commerce and gaming applications online at the same time. That’s what change is all about. Flash MX has changed not only the users experience but that of designers as well.

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